Our Luxury Apartment in Istanbul, Turkey

I work for my father’s business he was given by his father. He imports gemstones and jewelry made of gold and gems from Turkey. We have a small chain of jewelry stores that deal almost exclusively in items from Turkey. I travel there several times a year, and my wife and child often go with me. We started looking at real estate in Turkey for sale to have a stable place to stay when I go to make deals for new product and raw material acquisition. No one in my family is from Turkey or is Turkish. However, we all benefit from Turkey’s export of gems and gold. I am not a jeweler, but I do know the materials we use better than anyone else in our company. That is why I am picked to fly over and get new stuff.

My wife and I have enjoyed our stays in Istanbul. It has been fun watching the city continue to grow each time we come back. There are some grand building projects going on that are offering very nice apartments for sale in Turkey. The real estate in Turkey is designed where you buy your apartment rather than leasing it, and these are very nice places that have design elements that are a mix of European and Asian influence along with the expected Ottoman design influence. We bought an apartment that has three bedrooms. It is ultra-modern and packed full of all of the amenities and conveniences you would expect in a luxury apartment back here.

Our kitchen has white tile and stainless steel appliances. The rooms are big, and the big expanse of hardwood flooring makes the apartment shine like a gem. Our bathroom is finished in a beautiful marble. You just do not see apartments like this back here. You get a lot for your money for real estate in Turkey as the cost of living is about half what it is in other parts of the world.