Our Vacation in Greece Could Not Have Been Better

What is your idea of a perfect vacation? Now that you have taken a moment to imagine it, does it only include ones that you think you can afford? My wife and I usually take an annual vacation with just the two of us. We spend a week or two away from family and friends at the height of summer visiting places we think we might like to see. My dad asked me why people who live in places that have cold winters go on vacation in the summer. That got me looking up Mykonos villas in Greece around Thanksgiving. He is right. We could enjoy summer at home, and then go somewhere warm and sunny when the snow and cold are taking over back home.

I discovered villa rentals in Greece when I was looking for tropical getaways. The villas are amazing, but they are big. They all have seven bedrooms or more. To make it affordable, we would need to recruit some more couples to go on vacation with us. It was not hard to do that. Much easier than I thought it would be. My mother and father along with my in-laws were on board with it as soon as I brought it up. My Dad winked at me and said how I was finally getting some smarts. Going as a group made this vacation of a lifetime affordable to us all.

The villa we choose from the Mykonos villas that were available to be booked for our week was incredible. The pool was the first thing I enjoyed after we arrived. I did not even unpack. My wife wanted to get settled into the room and relax, and I told her there was a reason I had her pack her swimsuit on top of all of her other clothes. She laughed and we went to the pool. After we got into the warm water under the Grecian sun, I told her how it was a personal goal to do this in what is the middle of our winter back home.