Three Tips for Being an Excellent Property Manager

Being a property manager is one of the hardest jobs out there when it comes to the service industry. The fact is that even if you didn’t intend to deal with people around the clock, you’re going to be putting out fires pretty much all the time.

Being a good property manager isn’t rocket science though. Keep reading to learn the three things that you need to do to be a property manager that tenants respect and enjoy being around. Getting the respect of your tenants will make everything you do in your build a whole lot easier whether you’re dealing with luxury apartments or inexpensive office space with a ton of yearly turnover.

Be Prompt

Dealing with problems as they arise isn’t always possible. The problems really come when tenants expect you to take care of their issues practically before you’ve even heard about them. While you can’t manage tenant expectations all the time, you can make them happy quickly.

To do this, you’ll need to be prompt when it comes to returning phone calls and emails. Simply letting a tenant know that you’re working on their issue is often enough to make them feel like you’re doing a good job.

Even if it takes a day or two to solve an issue, a prompt response will make you look like a Phoenix property management hero.

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Be Firm

Dealing with tenants, particularly in apartments, can be very hard. Some will try to take advantage of your good nature while others look to avoid you when the rent is due for the month.

Being firm and putting everything in writing will help you keep the respect of tenants. You don’t want people taking advantage of you when you’re trying to do your job. In the long run, you’ll be better at your job if you’re firm and play by the rules as well.


Property managers need to be firm with tenants, but at the same time, you need to a good listener when handling problems. If you don’t listen to your tenants they won’t respect you. In the worst cases, they’ll try to find a way to speak to your boss or the building owner and make you look bad.

Take the time to listen to all of your tenants even if you can’t solve their problems or take late rent payments.