When Bad Weather Wreaks Havoc on Buildings

Hurricanes, major snowstorms, earthquakes and other weather phenomena are a part of life. There is no stopping nature, but you can get your structures better protected from the elements using the expertise of engineers that have years of experience.

Exterior Structural Remediation

Hurricanes and tornadoes spawned from these storms tend to cause the most extensive damage to a building that has to be replaced or repaired. Hurricane Katrina alone caused billions of dollars in damage and required extensive analysis, planning and design to get buildings in top shape after a catastrophic event. An aging structure is also subject to the needs of extensive remediation at some point. There are engineering firms available that can help make an older building as good as or better than it was originally.

Litigation Analysis and Consultation

There are times that construction methods or materials fail during bad weather that is not necessarily all that severe. These are the times you will need an engineer that is qualified to analyze what went wrong and offer consultation for possible litigation. This is a time when it is critical to hold the right entity responsible for repairing or replacing what has been damaged through defective workmanship or products.

Roof Analysis and Remediation Consultation

The roof of any structure is an important component that keeps inclement weather from infiltrating the building and causing extensive damage. A roof is designed to shed water down and away from the building. Any holes, cracks and wear in the surface will become noticeable if severe storms roll through the area. You can quickly have flooding issues that involve foundation damage if it left unchecked and unresolved. A structural engineer can analyze the situation and offer reasonable solutions to get the roof back in top shape.

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Protective Curtain Wall Design

Curtain walls add an extra barrier of protection from wind, rain, snow and hail that will extend the life of windows and walls. Building curtain walls takes a certain finesse in knowing the proper installation methods and materials that are best for the existing climate. You may not want to use the same materials and methods in a heavy snow area that would be used on the Gulf coast. Experts will know exactly what to use to give you the best results.

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